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Find what you need with rosconi

When it comes to wardrobe solutions, receptacles or ashtrays for your individual lounge and lobby areas, rosconi definitely has the perfect selection for you. Thanks to the timeless design, the pure materials and a very high finishing level you’ll be able to enjoy our manufactured products for a long time. Choose your desired category and find what you are looking for.

"Iserlohner Haken": vivid and colorful
stainless steel ashtrays by rosconi
rosconi coat racks
wide range of possibilities with diverse attachment rings for crew receptacles

Individual workpieces created by a design manufacturer

rosconi’s product portfolio comprises coat racks, wall-mounted coat rails, changing room benches, folding coat racks, waste disposal systems, ashtrays, receptacles, partition systems, signage and safety systems as well as air purifying systems. Custom-made solutions or in other words the perfect fulfillment of customers’ wishes are core priorities at our creative lab that possesses the distinctive character of a manufacture. Gaining the impression of a nearly boundless product portfolio is no surprise, since the numerous possibilities of individualization and variation offer an almost infinite choice when it comes to design options, material and color.

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