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59 AAR | ashtray-litter combination

59 AAR

Not sidetracked at all: rosconi’s railroad station ashtray

The 59 AAR ashtray-litter combination comprises a modular system, allowing for free configuration of ashtray, receptacle, notice sign and hood. The product features a locking mechanism, making it inaccessible to unauthorized persons. The receptacles are available in two sizes.

product variants

59 AAR 002 | ashtray-litter-combination
59 AAR 004 | ashtray-litter-combination
59 AAR| ashtray-litter-combination
59 AAR 005 | receptacle with hood


d'Coque Luxemburg
d'Coque | Centre National Sportif et Culturel
MLP AG Wiesloch

product family

59 ASR | ashtray litter combination
crew 5x | ashtray-litter combination

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